Thursday, October 9, 2008

Alice's Breakfast in the Park

Alice's Breakfast in the Park
6622 Lakeview Drive
Huntington Beach, CA
(714) 848-0690
Official Site

Winner of OC Weekly's "Best Place to Eat a Cinnamon Roll and Feed Ducks . . . While It Lasts"

In my public life I function as a mild-mannered, usually bespectacled, partially employed web developer of meager skills, modest enthusiasm, and heaps of good ol' down-home sincerity punctuated by bouts of binging on the good comida de Mexíco but in my secret life I lose the glasses, let a curly lock of hair drop down over my forehead, put on a superhero uniform with flashy colors and a wavy cape and fight for truth, justice, the American way and little mom and pop shops that are being threatened with closure by big meanie city councilmen.


You see, the long-standing Alice's Breakfast in the Park on the west side of Huntington Beach's Central Park is being threatened by the Huntington Beach City Council with closure so they can make way for a new Irvine Spectrum or Cheesecake Factory or some other such corporate monstrosity. Read about the matter at the HB Independent's site.

I've been sitting on these pictures for a while. My last visit there was actually in January but I feel like I better finally give this place a big mention. Don't let its name fool you too much because you can actually get lunch there too up until 2pm when it closes and the park returns from pretty quiet to really quiet.


Situated in a rustic oasis amidst suburbia, Alice's lets you relax and enjoy some straight up, no nonsense American food outside with nature where you can let the waves of tranquility wash over you. Or, if you prefer to eat inside, you can check out the numerous arts and crafts on display. When I was there, and I got there shortly before they closed, I had a nice toasty club sandwich and some made-on-the-spot potato chips. Don't be surprised if a flock of ducks amble by while you eat (food for the ducks can be purchased inside). I'll be going back for the huevos rancheros sometime and they also have great cinnamon rolls among their other menu items.


Show your support for Alice's by showing up for breakfast (or lunch) sometime soon. Just be sure to bring some good old-fashioned cash with you as they don't take credit cards. And be sure to feed the ducks while you're there.

View the complete photo album at flickr.

UPDATE (October 12, 2008):
An article in the Register today gives some hope to Alice's situation.

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (October 10, 2008 at 10:29 AM) : 

When I was new to area several years ago, it was actually my Orange County Realtor who suggested I visit Alice’s. The first time I showed up though I came with no cash since I figured even back then, everyone used credit or debit cards. Luckily for me I had company with me that day and he was nice enough to pay for the meal in cash. Great food at Alice’s and a great atmosphere.

Blogger ChristianZ said ... (October 10, 2008 at 11:07 AM) : 

Good to hear from another fan.

Blogger Chubbypanda said ... (October 11, 2008 at 8:32 AM) : 

Awesome intro, my crime-fighting friend!

Blogger ChristianZ said ... (October 12, 2008 at 8:39 PM) : 


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