Saturday, May 31, 2008

Philly's Best - Santa Ana

Hi! I’m new here. The name is DanGarion and I run Eat in OC. I just joined up with Orange County Food Blogs and for me there was no better place to do my first review of than my favorite place to eat on Saturdays as I waste them away alone, while my wife is at work. That’s why I bring you my review of the Philly’s Best, located in Santa Ana on Tustin. Now I know the first thing you are going to do is groan and say, "This guy is going to review a run of the mill fast food chain!" But hear me out, this place has good food. I’d never eaten at Philly’s Best until I moved to Santa Ana, two years ago. I’d had cheesesteaks throughout the years and always enjoyed them, but I didn’t fall in love with them till I ordered my first one here almost 2 year ago.

Today I ordered a cheesesteak along with an order of onion rings. The wait was about 10 minutes, which isn’t that bad since they do make your food to order. The cheesesteak was piping hot when it got to my table; I actually had to wait a minute to let it cool off. One thing I’ve been happy with is the consistency from visit to visit with the taste and freshness of my food. Another thing I like is that the meat isn’t too juicy so it doesn’t drain all out into the bread; I’ve had issues with the bread becoming soggy from other places I’d ordered cheesesteaks from. The onion rings are good, but only in small quantities. They have a very different flavor than most people are used to because of the beer batter. My only problem with them (which is why I usually only ingest small quantities) is that they tend to give me indigestion, but it’s usually worth it. Normally they only have ranch dressing for the rings, but they actually had BBQ sauce as well today. Overall my meal didn’t disappoint and let me more than satisfied.

Other items on the menu include chicken cheesesteak, hamburgers, and various toppings for your cheesesteak. They also have some various Philadelphia famous drinks, chips, and pastries.

Now on to a couple other observations I’ve made throughout the two years I’ve been patronizing this specific Philly’s Best. There is a note for their employees that any uniformed police and fire employees get half off their meal, I thought that’s pretty cool that a business has that type of policy. They also have specials during USC Football, Philadelphia Eagles Football, and Angels Baseball games. For the USC games they have $5.00 cheesesteaks and $1.00 Bud and Bud Light. During Angels games they have $1.00 Bud and Bud Light. I’m not a fan of Budweiser so it doesn’t bring me in, but I’m sure that it attracts some business.

Lastly I’ve only gone to one other Philly’s Best, it was located in West Garden Grove, and it just didn’t seem the same while I ate my sandwich, there was just a different vibe compared to the Santa Ana location, so your miles may vary at other locations.

Philly's Best
1804 N Tustin Ave
Santa Ana, CA 92705
(714) 543-3311

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Comments on "Philly's Best - Santa Ana"

Blogger Julian Hsu said ... (June 1, 2008 at 8:28 PM) : 

Welcome Dan! Nice inaugural review... Definitely going for it, with as controversial a topic as cheesesteaks. Man, ya mention a cheesesteak, you're almost asking for folks who've eaten at Geno's and Pat's to pop up out of the woodwork. :-)

Blogger Chubbypanda said ... (June 11, 2008 at 3:15 PM) : 

Good review and good choice. We're a meat-lovin' crowd here at OC Food Blogs.

Anonymous Anonymous said ... (October 17, 2008 at 6:33 PM) : 

I love Philly's Best! I recently posted about it with photos on Nibbles of Tidbits. Keep up the great work here. Thanks.

Blogger Professor Ellis D Trails said ... (February 12, 2010 at 4:02 PM) : 

I am from Philly and I live in the OC now. Philly's Best is the only place I get cheesesteaks or hoagies. The key is the roll, it is an Amoroso roll which is what is exclusively used in Philly shops. Also, People from Philly rarely go to Pat's or Geno's. Those cheesesteaks are only alright. They are more for tourists. I know of 20 places in Philly I would much rather go that Pat's or Geno's. The only time I would go there is if it was 2 in the morning and I was drunk and I was close by.

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